Pex Pipe 16mm & 20mm Unatherm Made in Germany

UNATHERM Quality Pipes of DOWLEX

*UNATHERM PE-RT and PE-Xc pipes are made of pure DOWLEX without addition of any recycled material. As the raw material is the basis for the quality of a pipe, it uses in our opinion the best raw material.

The pipes made of DOWLEX have two characteristics that should be emphasized in particular:
• High Flexibility
• Excellent smoothness of the pipe’s inner surface
The high flexibility of yhe pipes permits cold laying, even at temperatures as low as -10 degree cellius .
The smoothness of the pipe’s inner surface, achived by a special manufacturing process, guarantees the lowest possible flow resistance. The “roughness” of the pipe’s inner surface is as low as 400 A! If a pipe shows a rough inner surface, a deposit can build up, thus increasing flow resistance considerably. Pipes for use in floor heating and radiator connection are coated with an oxygen barrier made of EVOH